Lola Milyavskaya got married

written on Wed 08 February 2023 by

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Lolita is again a ringed bird. Recall, for the fifth time. Her husband was her boyfriend Dmitry Ivanov, who is 12 years younger than Lola.

Milyavskaya married in a cream dress and a white veil. All the invitees gathered in the restaurant "Ukraine". Among the guests were Anastasia Volochkova and her husband, Tatyana Ovsienko and Anita Tsoy, as well as many others. The newly married couple arrived at the celebration in a white Bentley, and journalists were ordered to go to the holiday.

According to rumors, Milyavskaya was advised to marry on this day (March 20) by a Kabbalist. She assured Lolita that by doing so, she would be happily married for the rest of her life. But even without her, the singer seems to believe that this is her last marriage.

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