Hermes acquitted for the brutal murder of crocodiles

written on Wed 08 February 2023 by

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The management of the fashion house Hermes reacted vividly to the request of Jane Birkin to abandon her name in the name of the bag because of the cruel slaughter of crocodiles and the removal of their skin alive.

Representatives of Hermes said that it is not about their farm. They regularly inspect their firms and make sure that animals are doged humanely. As for other firms, outside their subordination, they are very sorry that such cruelty takes place.

"Jane Birkin's comments will not affect our long-term friendship and confidence in each other. We share Jane's feelings, and assure that this is not our farm. We were no less shocked by the photos taken by human rights activists. And they have already started their own investigation in order to establish who owns the farm, where animals are so cruelly tortured," Hermes said in an official statement.

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