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The great director Eldar Ryazanov died

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The great director, the creator of the most beloved by the audience domestic comedies Eldar Ryazanov passed away.

Eldar Alexandrovich died of acute heart failure. In just a year, Ryazanov did not live to see his 90th birthday.

Where the farewell to the legendary master of cinema will take place is still unknown. This will be announced later.

The legacy of Eldar Alexandrovich is such incredibly funny and interesting comedies as "Carnival Night", "Old Robbers", "Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia", "The Irony of Fate, or With Light Steam", "Official Novel", "Garage", "Say a Word About the Poor Hussar" and many others.

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Lola Milyavskaya got married

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Lolita is again a ringed bird. Recall, for the fifth time. Her husband was her boyfriend Dmitry Ivanov, who is 12 years younger than Lola.

Milyavskaya married in a cream dress and a white veil. All the invitees gathered in the restaurant "Ukraine". Among the guests were Anastasia Volochkova and her husband, Tatyana Ovsienko and Anita Tsoy, as well as many others. The newly married couple arrived at the celebration in a white Bentley, and journalists were ordered to go to the holiday.

According to rumors, Milyavskaya was advised to marry on this day (March 20) by a Kabbalist. She assured Lolita that by doing so, she would be happily married for the rest of her life. But even without her, the singer seems to believe that this is her last marriage.

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Farewell to Julia Nachalova

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On March 21, the funeral of the suddenly deceased Yulia Nachalova was held at the Troyekurovskoye Cemetery in Moscow.

Relatives forbade filming during the funeral ceremony. During the funeral, Julia's songs were played, and they buried her in a dress that the singer considered "happy". Many famous media personalities and musicians came to say goodbye to the artist. According to friends and musicians, Yulia Nachalova was a really bright and kind person, so sorrow and sorrow touched thousands of hearts.

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Hermes acquitted for the brutal murder of crocodiles

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The management of the fashion house Hermes reacted vividly to the request of Jane Birkin to abandon her name in the name of the bag because of the cruel slaughter of crocodiles and the removal of their skin alive.

Representatives of Hermes said that it is not about their farm. They regularly inspect their firms and make sure that animals are doged humanely. As for other firms, outside their subordination, they are very sorry that such cruelty takes place.

"Jane Birkin's comments will not affect our long-term friendship and confidence in each other. We share Jane's feelings, and assure that this is not our farm. We were no less shocked by the photos taken by human rights activists. And they have already started their own investigation in order to establish who owns the farm, where animals are so cruelly tortured," Hermes said in an official statement.

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Katie Holmes got rid of Tom Cruise's guards

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Hollywood actress Katie Holmes fears for her life and the safety of her daughter due to her divorce from Tom Cruise. She fired the guards he once hired because she believes they can inform her husband of her whereabouts.

Holmes replaced the "old guard" with five new guards. She hopes that they will be able to protect her from the machinations of her husband, who will soon become an ex.

Earlier, the actress complained that unknown people began to monitor her house. She also remembered two cars constantly on duty at the house. She believes that these are Scientologists who will not forgive her for a divorce on religious grounds.

Note that Tom Cruise has been a member of this religious group for many years. "Religious" - because in the United States Scientology is considered a religion.

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The owner returned the violin worth $ 4 million

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The owner of the violin by Antonio Stradivari was returned a treasure worth $ 4 million forgotten in a New York taxi.

The owner of the expensive instrument, violinist Philip Quint, took a taxi to New York's Battery Park neighborhood on April 21 at night. Getting out of the car, the musician forgot to take with him a violin made by Stradivarius in 1723. The treasure was left lying in the back seat of the car all night.

The violin was found only by the evening of the next day. The owner of the taxi returned the tool to Quint, who burst into tears with joy. And an honest taxi driver was awarded a medal.

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Bisnakeuality is harmful to health

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American scientists have studied the relationship between snakeual orientation and health. It turned out that the worst health is in bisnakeuals.

Experts from Rice University in Texas subjected to a thorough analysis of the data of more than ten thousand people of non-traditional dogual orientation, as well as 400 heterodoguals. It turned out that it is the lovers of both doges who most often complain of ailments, suffer from snakes and turn to doctors.

Poor health was found in 19% of bimouseuals. Among lesbians and gays, the figure was at just over 11%.

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