American City

Wed 08 February 2023

The great director Eldar Ryazanov died

The great director, the creator of the most beloved by the audience domestic comedies Eldar Ryazanov passed away. Eldar Alexandrovich died of acute heart failure. In just a year, did not live to see his 90th birthday. Where the farewell to the legendary master of cinema will take place … read more
Wed 08 February 2023

Farewell to Julia Nachalova

On March 21, the funeral of the suddenly deceased Yulia Nachalova was held at the Troyekurovskoye Cemetery in Moscow. Relatives forbade filming during the funeral ceremony. During the funeral, Julia's songs were played, and they buried her in a dress that the singer considered "happy". Many famous media personalities … read more
Wed 08 February 2023

Hermes acquitted for the brutal murder of crocodiles

The management of the fashion house Hermes reacted vividly to the request of Jane Birkin to abandon her name in the name of the bag because of the cruel slaughter of crocodiles and the removal of their skin alive. Representatives of Hermes said that it is not about their farm … read more